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How to Hire the Right Wedding Band

By Michelle Ecker on March 14, 2018

How to Hire the Right Wedding Band

For many couples, picking the perfect DJ or band is one of the most important decisions they’ll make during the wedding planning process, and one of the additions they’ll spend a larger portion of their budget on. As the wedding planner, it’s your job to help steer the couple in the right direction in terms of choosing a band that’s appropriate, and one that corresponds with the mood and aesthetic of their gathering

From upbeat DJs to elegant band ensembles, the musical performer(s) you hire for your wedding need to match, so to speak, with the rest of your venue decisions. For example, is your reception being held in a swanky, old fashioned, high end hotel? Maybe a young local DJ blasting the cha cha slide isn’t the most fitting pick for this space. Contrarily, if your couple wants to host their reception at the trendy downtown bar where they went on their first date, this fun DJ would be the perfect fit.

To simplify things, generally you can expect to find these three most common types of musicians available when it comes time to hire a musical performer for wedding ceremonies and receptions:

  1. Individual Instrumentalists

    These would include harpists, violinists, cellists, guitarists, flautists, pianists, etc.

    These musicians are especially appropriate and often chosen to perform at ceremonies, cocktail hours, or small, sit-down luncheons where the couple does not want/ expect the guests to start dancing. These musicians are typically booked directly, and offer more of an elegant, background musical element to the day.

  2. Bands

    A live band is a great choice for receptions where the couple wants their guests up and dancing. Bands can either be booked directly, or sometimes through a music broker or entertainment agency.

  3. DJs

    Quite obviously, since they aren’t the ones actually performing music live themselves, DJs offer you the widest selection of music from a variety of eras and genres. Whereas a live string band can’t exactly switch it up and play that new Beyoncé song the maid of honor wants to hear, a DJ can shift gears and bounce back and forth between tons of different musical styles to accommodate whatever mood you’re going for at any point throughout the reception.

    They may be booked directly or through a music broker or entertainment agency.

As we mentioned before, when it comes to hiring the perfect individual or group of musicians to entertain guests on this big day, the most important thing to keep in mind is the mood. Try to paint a mental picture of what the venue, décor, dress, etc. will look like on this special day. Then simply ask yourself what kind of music fits in, and what kind of music would clash? From there your decision should be simple.

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