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5 Benefits of Winter Weddings

By Michelle Ecker on January 30, 2017

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planner courses and because we do, we like to provide free tips for wedding planners. Enjoy!

5 Benefits of Winter Weddings

According to Bridal Guide, winter weddings are quickly growing in popularity. In fact, December now ranks as the third most popular month couples chose to say I do- and understandably so. If you’re helping a bride plan a February wedding this year, here are 5 things worth getting excited about:

  1. Seasonal décor- Winter is a great season to plan a wedding because of all the romantic holidays that fall within it. For brides who love the idea of having a theme, this season is likely your best option. Valentine’s Day offers some extremely exciting possibilities for planning corresponding activities, menu ideas, color schemes and décor (we’re picturing tons of pink hearts, sprinkled cupcakes and confetti).
  2. Vendor priority- Since spring is typically the go-to wedding season for most couples, it’s often much more difficult to lock down all your first-choice vendors simultaneously during this especially busy time. If the couple instead opts for a romantic, snowy February wedding, they’ll likely reap the benefit of nabbing all their favorite vendors on the same day (and very often, with a smaller price tag).
  3. Attire Options- This is perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked benefits of planning an event during the wintertime. While during the warmer months of the year it’s crucial for you to ensure the couple and guests don’t get overheated, you’ll have much more flexibility throughout the winter. A bride can wear long sleeves if she wants- or if she’d prefer something strapless, she can simply accessorize with a luxurious stole or coat.
  4. Better photos- For photographers, photographing spring and summertime weddings presents a uniquely unavoidable challenge- harsh, bad lighting. Winter mornings, on the other hand, offer some of the most beautiful natural lighting, allowing for stunning pictures.
  5. Better Honeymoon- Another often overlooked reason for a couple to pick a winter wedding is that it provides them with a significantly more opportune honeymoon schedule. What better time to visit a tropical island than to take a break from a chilly winter at home?

Want to learn more? The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online wedding planning courses that can teach you how to plan and execute the perfect wedding. Request your free course catalog today!

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