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Do Professional Stylists Need a College Degree?

By Nicole Krempasky on July 08, 2021

 Do Professional Stylists Need a College Degree?

If you’re looking to turn your love of fashion into a career, you might be interested in becoming a professional stylist. One of the most important steps to take is to find out what you need to get started. It might seem like all you need is talent and an eye for style, but do you also need a degree to start your career?

Do professional stylists need a college degree?

Simply put, no, you do not need a four-year degree to become a professional stylist. Experience can go a long way in achieving success. However, it is helpful to have some education in your background, as many employers will look at your resume to see what sort of formal education or training you have had. While there are many employers in the fashion world who consider experience to be the most valuable asset, it can sometimes be hard to gain that if you don’t have credentials to back up your skills and knowledge. So, having some form of an educational credential can help you get your foot in the door if you’re just starting out. Even more so, a good education can help you learn what you don’t already know, giving you career confidence in addition to helping you stand out from the crowd. A Certificate in Personal Style from NYIAD is a great way to hone your skills, earn in-demand credentials, and not break the bank, demonstrating both expertise and commitment to your craft to potential employers.

What skills do I need to become a professional stylist?

There are obvious skills you need to possess as a stylist, like understanding color, fabrics, and trends, but you’ll also need to work on other areas if you hope to be successful. It’s essential for a good stylist to understand body types, ages, professions, and cultures as well as possess strong communication skills to ensure you can work with and dress individuals from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. NYIAD’s course is designed to enhance your natural talent while teaching you the business skills necessary to work for a consultancy firm or start your own business.

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