NYIAD Releases All New Audio Lessons for its Interior Design Course

The NYIAD has introduced brand new audio lessons into its Complete Course in Interior Design. The new audio replaces existing audio CD’s in the course for all new and existing students, and helps to bring the interior design course up to date in the fast pace world of design trends.

The audio segments feature, Janet Ramin, the NYIAD’s lead student advisor, and Jay Johnson, the school’s curriculum developer. Janet is a professional interior designer and has worked with interior design students for many years to help them achieve success. Jay heads the successful interior design blog Design2Share.com and is a featured blogger on the Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace blog, providing advice for interior designers.

Janet and Jay guide students through each lesson and project in the course, and they bring in guest instructors Joie Anderson and Lee Hegi for additional advice on furniture styles and the business of interior design. Jay has added special advice segments for interior designers, like recommended design blogs, interior design advice from design icon Dorothy Draper, and how to handle difficult clients.

A key part of interior design education is learning to discuss good design when you see it. New this year for the course is a completely updated Room Reference Guide, featuring the amazing work of some of the top interior designers in the United States. Janet and Jay go through many of the rooms in the new guide and talk about the features they admire the most; they also discuss the key decisions that the designers made to solve challenges in entry halls, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and baths.


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