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What Is Home Staging?

By Michelle Ecker on October 20, 2017

What Is Home Staging?

If you have an interest in interior design and decorating and you’d like to channel that into the pursuit of a new career, you might be unsure where to begin. There are tons of career options available to people with these interior styling interests, but home staging is a wonderful, ever-growing field that many talented design professionals often overlook.

Essentially, real estate staging is the meticulous art of presenting a home so that it can be sold. Have you ever gone to an open house or an apartment tour and found yourself distracted or turned off by the fact that you weren’t personally a fan of how the current owners organized and kept their home? Maybe the current tenants were a little messy, or maybe they had an odd sense of style that you couldn’t help but focus on while you were trying to explore the space. Maybe that odd sense of style made it hard for you to really picture yourself living and fitting in there, and it lead you not to pursue buying or renting the property. This is a really common issue within the real estate market, and that’s where a talented home staging professional can be extremely helpful to sellers.

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Home staging professionals are hired to transform a home or apartment (on the market for sale) into a beautiful space. Your role in this profession is to decorate said space using all your knowledge of harmony, atmosphere and mood, and to create a space that buyers will actually want to picture themselves living in. Basically, every time you take on a new job, you’re accepting the exciting challenge of making a transformation, giving a home or apartment a quick design makeover so that it can become the absolute best it can be.

By enhancing the look and feel of a home’s interior, you’re not only helping clients who might have otherwise faced challenges selling or renting their property altogether, but you could also be significantly impacting the sale itself, helping the sellers make more money than they otherwise would have.

By adjusting the current lighting, home décor and existing furniture arrangement, a home stager is tasked to highlight the absolute best features of a home, while also minimizing its faults. Does the home in question have a disappointingly small master bedroom? As a home stager, it’s your job to put your skills to the test- and every interior design professional knows all the best decorating tips to help any room look much larger. With updates such as these, you’ll help clients hide the downfalls that may have otherwise been preventing them from landing interested buyers.

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