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Top Decorating Tips Of the Month

By Sarah Van Arsdale on February 18, 2007

Here are some great decorating tips and interior design ideas to help you with your summer decorating:

• The function of all bathrooms is pretty much the same: it has to serve as a comfortable place for taking care of one's personal hygiene. But while that function can be served in as plain a room as a truck stop restroom, any bath that really functions will be designed with the details of convenience and comfort in mind. More tips in Room of the Month.

• Try warming up your rooms in the winter with colors such as maroon and deep orange. Drape a warmly-colored tablecloth or shawl over a table, and make a focal point of miniature pumpkins and candles, or add a bittersweet wreath to the front door.

• You can use brilliant yellow to brighten up a room just by painting one wall in the shade. A brilliant yellow wall that catches the morning sun will appear to light up, and a wall that gets no direct light will start providing its own. Check out more tips for using yellow in Magic of Color.

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• Don't ignore the use of mirrors to brighten up a dark room. The mirror doesn't have to face the windows in order to bring in light; it can hang on any wall. A collection of several small mirrors can also make a big statement.

• When considering painting a room, think of the psychological effect of the color. Red is often a good choice for a dining room, as it increases the heart rate and raises the blood pressure, which in turn amps up the appetite.

• You can also add photographs to upholstered pieces, pillows or comforters by using photo transfer solutions which allow you to transfer photocopies of pictures onto fabric. This is a great craft idea that you and your child can do together some snowy day when you're trapped in the house. Learn more in Decorating Children's Rooms.

• Crown moulding is especially helpful in changing the look of a room because, unlike wall moulding, it won't get in the way of paintings you want to hang, and yet it goes a long way toward adding elegance. Learn more decorating tips in Little Things.

• When you have cats, you simply have to accept it that there are some things you must live without — but hopefully knowing you've adopted a cat who otherwise would meet a terrible fate will make up for living without broadloom carpet. Don't miss the rest of decorating ideas in Decorating Dilemma.

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