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Planning a Room’s Color Scheme

By Michelle Ecker on November 28, 2016

The New York Institute of Art and Design offers online interior design course and because we do, we like to provide free tips for aspiring designers. Enjoy!

Planning a Room’s Color Scheme

When planning an effective interior design, you have to consider the mood you’re trying to achieve in a given space. Are you looking to give a large living room a more rustic, cozy appeal? Or are you going for a funky, modern mood in a small studio apartment? Once you’ve decided upon this, you can start to think about appropriate colors to incorporate in this design.

A color scheme can be designed around one key color if that’s how you’d like to move forward. For example, to use the aforementioned apartment as a guide, let’s say you decided to use silver as the key color in this modern look. This is more of a cool toned shade, and you should therefore probably select corresponding cool tones to match it in completion of that look with a modern vibe.

Generally, here is a guide you can use when matching additional colors to fit in with your overall palatte:

  • Warm colors - shades of red, orange, yellow
  • Cool colors - shades of blue, green, purple

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