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Tips on Decorating Children`s Rooms — Movie Theme Approach to Decorating a Children`s Room — Dorothy`s Room

By Janet Ramin on May 05, 2009

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The Wizard of Oz movie has been a favorite to children for many years ever since it came out. Full of Technicolor scenes, memorable songs, fun and zany characters from the Munchkins to witches and a cowardly lion, the movie is a feast to the senses.

Interior Designer, Zoya Bograd, decided to pick the popular movie as her theme for a children's room at this year's Kip's Bay Decorator Show House in New York. At the show house, selected interior designers are assigned a room in a large New York City townhouse to decorate in any design they want.

Ms. Bograd imagined what a little girl, just like the lead character in Wizard of Oz — Dorothy, might yearn for in her own room. Just about every little girl loves the color pink so a carnation pink unifies the whole room, shown in the striped wallpaper by Osborne & Little and in the upholstery for the bed and seating.

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Launching the movie theme in the bedroom is a custom made circular rug, specially designed by Bograd. The rug displays all the main characters of the movie, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Glinda, the Good Witch, traveling a yellow border, woven with the movie's mantra: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.

Holding court at the foot of the rug, Toto has his own special home — a day bed for a little girl's best friend, her pet dog. The bed is outfitted in a hot pink Osborne & Little fabric trimmed with a rainbow of buttons.

Dorothy's own bed occupies center stage. A canopy of poppy print fabric crowns the bed. The headboard and footboard is upholstered in a practical vinyl covering from Sonia's Place — easily wiped clean.

A favorite activity of every little girl is throwing a tea party for her dolls and friends. Bograd provides a sitting room area with a child-sized high-backed sofa, also upholstered in pink vinyl and matching slipper chairs. A small upholstered foot stool becomes a tea table, completing the set.

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Another desirable activity is playing dress-up. A dainty vanity table with triple mirrors and a striped skirt with bows and rosettes provides storage for all the cosmetics.

To complete the theme, Bograd accessorizes the bedroom with dolls from the Wizard of Oz movie. Both rag dolls and porcelain dolls, including Dorothy's doll, a loan from the Judy Garland Museum, adorn the display cabinets and chairs. All the furniture in the room is provided by Bograd Kids.

If you're stuck for ideas for a children's room, just review the most popular movies for children and pick out the central characters of the movie. Find movie posters of the show and frame it for instant artwork. You can also apply decoupage to furniture — find favorite scenes of the movie — and cut them out, adhere them to chests or tables, finish with a clear varnish, and voila! custom furniture. Movies are always a great and fun source for ideas.


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