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Look of the Week: The Emerald City

By Michelle Ecker on October 13, 2015

From end tables to throw pillows to paint samples and more, tune in to the design blog every Tuesday afternoon to check out our choice for NYIAD’s featured look of the week.

This week’s favorite comes to us from Coco Carpets.

Look of the Week: The Emerald City

Incorporation of vintage home décor is a simple way to add whimsical charm and unique character to any room design.

Many style enthusiasts have shown recent interest in historical goods, often challenging themselves to add new life and functionality by recycling seemingly outdated pieces into more practical ones with new purposes.

This week’s #LOTWDesign demonstrates the quirky reminiscence (and modern utility) of past designs via Coco Carpets’ Vintage Moroccan Berber.

Handcrafted by women from the Atlas Mountains tribes of Morocco (likely the Azilal region), this 20-30 year old piece was originally made for tribal household decorative purposes.

Look of the Week: The Emerald City
Look of the Week: The Emerald City

Using mainly wool and small portions of cotton thread, the artist permitted herself a great deal of imaginative expression in conveying her own creativity and values, depicting North African symbolism and color coordination in mastering this unique design.

Use The Emerald City to interpose historical, ethnic charisma in a cozy living room display- or drape it above a large bed in the master suite, using it as a one of a kind wall tapestry. Get inspired and be creative- after all, one of the most liberating aspects of vintage repurposing is the art of innovative resourcefulness itself.

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