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Look of the Week: November Palatte

By Michelle Ecker on November 03, 2015

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Today we share our top pigment choices for autumn interior inspo.

Look of the Week: November Palatte

For many people, the day after Halloween is like an annual green light signaling the race towards holiday season- Starbucks announces the release of their distinctive red cups, festive Christmas decorations fill convenience counters and glittering snowflake displays adorn department storefronts seemingly overnight.

In this week’s #LOTWDesign, we’re taking a step back from the holiday rush, choosing instead to embrace the months individually instead of rushing through in anticipation of their sparkly successors.

Enter the autumn color palatte- an ode to oversized sweaters, dreamlike swirls of leaves tumbling in cool gusts of wind, and an abruptly pitch dark sky on a 6pm ride home from work.

Pale olive and subtle russet invoke thoughts of harvest and Thanksgiving while cool grey faintly anticipates the first snowy frost. In juxtaposition with soft, plush blankets and a crackling fire, some November-inspired hues bring the chill of the season indoors- to just the right extent.

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