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How To Upgrade an Ordinary Bathroom

By Michelle Ecker on February 12, 2016

How To Upgrade an Ordinary Bathroom

1. Consider Convenience- Nothing detracts from elegant bathroom design quite like cluttered clusters of shampoo bottles balanced clumsily along the ring of a tub. Not only are these an organizational eyesore, they create rings of soap scum and can damage the finish of your bath. Instead, try substituting a convenient, hanging catch-all. Browse your local home goods store in search of a multi-tiered hanging basket (many sell these with kitchen supplies, advertised as fruit holders). A metal, layered basket such as this can be used as a super-convenient carryall to hold soaps, conditioners, razors, etc.

2. Work With What You Have- You know that beautiful teacup you never use because you’ve misplaced all the others in its set? Consider browsing your china cabinet this weekend for a major repurposing session. You can pair a few mismatched pieces on a pretty serving tray to hold bathroom countertop supplies like q-tips or nail files.

3. Rethink Floral Placement- Although they’re a beautiful touch in the kitchen or living room, they aren’t much of an innovative add-on in those areas. Consider adding some stems to your powder room each week- fresh flowers are always an unexpected treat behind the bathroom door.

4. Free your Floor Space- Have you ever thought about how much space is wasted because of your choice in appliances? The more floor you’re able to leave unhindered, the larger (and cleaner) the space will look to the naked eye. Consider substituting a mounted wall sink in place of what you’re working with now. It will take up less space without the bulky appliance monopolizing square footage below.

5. Maximize Wall Space- Instead of storing junk in provided under-sink cabinet space; relocate those items up higher onto the walls. Again, by lifting things up and freeing area on the ground, you’ll create the illusion of a larger room (while also adding greater convenience).

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