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Here's Why Most Kitchen Remodels Go Overbudget

By Michelle Ecker on March 01, 2019

Here's Why Most Kitchen Remodels Go Overbudget

If you're a professional interior designer, you probably understand that staying within a predetermined budget is half the design battle. Part of the reason people seek out the expert guidance of a professional is that while they may have a mental image of what they want a space to look like, they're unsure how to tackle that on their own without spending a ton of money. That's where your design decision-making skills should help. 

Unfortunately, certain rooms within the home have a bad reputation when it comes to budgeting for a redesign- with kitchens probably being the worst culprit. But why is that the case? Here we break down some common reasons why kitchen remodels often go way over budget, so you can be mindful of these patterns and try your best to wisely prepare. 

According to a recent Houzz survey of professional kitchen designers, the number one most common culprit for breaking a kitchen redesign budget was: deciding to opt for more expensive products or materials.

Really common examples of these choices include: custom cabinetry (not all homes are created equal in terms of size- so if your client has extra high ceilings for example, they might find themselves needing to splurge on custom cabinets). This could also be as simple as a choice between marble or granite. If your clients are serious about staying within budget, you might have to reign them in when they're tempted to make pricey upgrades in this department. Finally, this could mean special features, which are really tempting to add in such a utility-oriented space. People often opt to install special features within cabinets and drawers- they look practical and incredibly organized, but these features can easily be created with much less expensive organizational hacks, and aren't always necessarily worth splurging on. 

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