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Design Books for Self-Development

By Janet Ramin on January 17, 2005

The following is a short list of interior design books that will expand a designer's knowledge and provide some insight into some of the principles and methods of professional designers.


Vincente Wolf Learning to See: Bringing Around the World You into Your Home
(Artisan, September 2002)
- Vincente Wolf, considered one of the top 100 interior designers by Architectural Digest, illuminates his take on the design process and advises how to create simple and beautiful rooms through a step-by-step process.

Terence Conran The Essential House Book or The Ultimate House Book
(Crown Publishing Group, September 1994)
- Expert solutions for the house and apartment - 700 color photos.

Nina Campbell Nina Campbell's Decorating Notebook: Professional Styling
Schemes for your Own Home

(Crown Publishing Group, September, 2004)
- Nina Campbell, a top British designer, shows the reader a step-by-step process for taking a bare room to a finished room with her classic and elegant taste.

Judith Miller The Style Sourcebook: The Definitive Illustrated Directory
Of Fabrics, Wallpapers, Paints, Flooring and Tiles

(Firefly Books Limited, November 2003)
- A decorating reference book covering paints & finishes, fabrics, tiles, wallpaper, and flooring with over 2300 color photographs

Charles T. Randall The Encyclopedia of Window Fashions
(Randall International, March 2002)
- Over a 1000 decorating ideas for windows, bedding and accessories.

Joseph Aronson The Encyclopedia of Furniture
(Crown Publishing Group, August 1977)
- Detailed information on designers, makers, materials of furniture for every period.

Leatrice Eiseman Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color
(Design Books International, Inc., Sept. 2000)
- A guide presenting color combinations and color principles needed to create successful designs.


Marian Moffet A World History of Architecture
(The McGraw-Hill Companies, August 2003)
- A survey of past and present architects, including their methods. Architects include Palladio, Alberti, Brunelleschi, Wren, Eiffel, L. Sullivan, F.L. Wright, Le Corbusier, Gaudi, to Gehry.


Tim Forrest Bulfinch Anatomy of Antique Furniture: Illustrated Guide to
Identifying Period, Detail and Design

(Little, Brown & Company, October 1996)
- This comprehensive guide takes the novice or expert through assessing the features of all kinds of furniture from the 1600s to the 1920s

Barbara M. Ohrbach A Passion for Antiques
(Crown Publishing, October 2004)
- A passionate collector, Barbara Ohrbach shares her secrets to finding and taking care of precious objects. Included is information on antique shops and shows all over the world and the hottest markets.


Better Homes & Garden Step by Step Landscaping: Planning, Planting and Building
(Meredith Books, February 1994)
- A step by step guide to planning overall landscape including over 500 pictures and illustrations.


Mike Lin Architectural Rendering Techniques
(Wiley John & Sons, November 1997)
- Instructions on loose sketching, line drawings, detailed drawings and final presentations.

Michael E. Doyle Color Drawing: Design Drawing Skills and Techniques for
Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designer

(Wiley John & Sons, May 1999)
- A step by step guide from the development of design concept to the final presentation. This covers color, different media, drawing techniques and materials.

Maureen Mitton Interior Design Visual Presentation: A Guide to Graphics,
Models, and Presentation Techniques, 2nd Edition

(Wiley, John & Sons, Inc., July 2003)
- A how-to guide to executing successful design graphics, models and presentations. Ms. Mitton covers two- and three-dimensional graphics, computer-aided design, and other illustrated designs.
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