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Children's Rooms Series Overview

By NYIAD Staff on March 11, 2012

Don't miss these favorite articles on decorating rooms for children.

  • Play Houses
    We all love the start of summer in part because it means spending more time with our kids. But soon even our most beloved little ones issue the cries of "I'm bored" and "there's nothing to do!" You may be at a point when you're thinking it's high time to get them out of here, and into their own places.
  • Stencils
    Everything gets a little stale after a long winter, and anyone with kids knows that the kids' rooms are certainly no exception. Now that spring is here, the whole house could use a good airing out, and it's time to freshen up your kid's room along with the rest of the place. While you're cleaning out the closet and organizing the summer clothes, why not also create something beautiful on the walls? Just because your kid is a kid doesn't mean she can't appreciate a new look for this new season
  • Travel Posters for your Child's Room
    When it comes to decorating nurseries and children's rooms, parents love nothing more than a theme. Pink, green, yellow or blue, garden or aquatic, jungle or outer space — you name it, it has been done.
  • '80s Style Décor
    The more things change, the more they stay the same. In most cases. When we looked back into the décor for kids from Sheffield's first years, we saw that indeed some things have stayed the same, while others have changed faster than you can say "where's that cassette tape?"
  • Larisa Belenitsky on Room Design for Kids
    The following is an interview with Larisa Belenitsky founder of the workspace Solomonic Couture in NYC.
  • Waiting Room Design
    To look at this month’s theme of abundance through the lens of designing for kids, we thought we'd take you out of the home and into the places where there are more than just a couple of kids at a time: the waiting rooms where kids try to sit still even though they’re anticipating getting a shot or a visit with the dentist.
  • Party Planning for Kids
    When we think of launching into the holiday party season, we usually think of cocktail parties, office parties, New Year's Eve dances, and family get-togethers. But what about the parties that are just for the kids, or are focused primarily on the younger set?
  • Contemporary Kids Furniture
    Kids can have good design sense, too. And contemporary design is a look that can work beautifully with kids' rooms.
  • Storing the Beach Toys
    You don't have to be summering in the Hamptons to find yourself suddenly surrounded by a collection of summer toys, ranging from old-fashioned striped beach balls to torpedo-shaped floaters to boogie boards.
  • Green Friendly Decorating for Kids
    It’s never too early to start using green-friendly practices when it comes to your children. After all, we want them to grow up safely and also have them enjoy a greener, healthier earth.
  • Dorothy's Room
    The Wizard of Oz movie has been a favorite to children for many years ever since it came out. Full of Technicolor scenes, memorable songs, fun and zany characters from the Munchkins to witches and a cowardly lion, the movie is a feast to the senses.
  • Parisian Furnishings for Kids' Rooms
    For our special April in Paris issue of Designer Monthly, we thought we'd see what Paris designers are doing with kids' furnishings. The French have a reputation for treating their kids a little differently than Americans do; in many families, they don't dine en famille, for example; rather, the kids have an early supper, and then the parents dine more elegantly at nine or so, after les enfants are safely in bed…
  • Organizing Your Kids
    If you think that organizing for your kids just means getting a couple of big plastic bins and trying to make Junior put his toys away, you haven't been visiting Design Public, which bills itself as having "fresh, new design."…
  • Beanbag Chairs
    Have you ever seen kids sitting straight upright on the sofa or easy chair like little angels, perching carefully, making sure they don't swing their feet against the damask or silk upholstery?
  • Boomerang Kids
    The kids have moved out, you’re secure in your career, you’ve decided to take that class in Italian you’ve always dreamed about. And best of all, your home once again belongs only to you. And then, the phone rings, and it’s Junior calling to say…
  • Nautical Theme Room
    A trip to the aquarium often inspires in a child an interest in all things nautical, from ship-building to tide-pooling. And this can lead to a nautically-themed room that will grow as your child grows, whether you live near the shore or are landlocked out in Iowa.
  • Stencils
    If you need to perk up a kids' room, how about a project that's quick, easy to clean up from, and guaranteed to put a smile on Junior's face? Using stencils to decorate a children's room is a sure way to make the kids feel more invested in the room, as they can help design the stenciling.
  • Feathering the Empty Nest
    Let's say the last of your fledglings just finished his first year at college. At last. But no sooner have you celebrated the fact that he made it through that first year without getting arrested than he tells you he has no intention of living in the family home once again, but has made his own plans to spend the summer on a kibbutz, at a Habitat for Humanity project in South America, or with his new pals at the Tattoo Shack on Muscle Beach.
  • Play Houses
    After having the kids home from school for a couple of months, you may be thinking it's high time to get them out of here, and into their own places. And while you can't just yet get them their own apartments in another city, you can provide them with a home away from home, right in your own back yard.

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