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The Top In-demand Creative Careers in 2021

By Des Sinkevich on October 06, 2021

The Top In-demand Creative Careers in 2021

If you’re someone who’s dreamt of starting a creative career that allows you to use your skills and imagination, there’s no better time than now to take the next step! But what creative jobs are available, and which is the perfect fit for you? Here’s what you should know about the top creative careers in 2021.

Why choose a creative career?

When people think of creative careers, they often limit them to completely artistic roles – actors, artists, musicians. But creativity can take a practical approach, offering opportunities for creative people to use their skills in well-paying, in-demand roles. Creative work isn’t just mucking about with a paint brush and an idea - creative jobs require imagination, dedication, and plenty of problem-solving skills. Whether you want to create digital art as a graphic designer or want to organize a home so it’s an inviting, interesting space, you’re an artist using a variety of skills and knowledge to get the job done..

Besides the satisfaction that comes with creating something new or beautiful, creative careers offer the opportunity for you to be truly passionate about your work. You’re able to see the end product of your work and how it makes an impact. And, even further, creative jobs offer the thrill of new ideas, the excitement of figuring out solutions on quick timelines, and the opportunity to be challenged on a regular basis.

Top 5 creative careers for 2021 and beyond

Whether you’re looking for a career that allows you to work closely with clients, or one in which you work independently, there are a variety of in-demand, creative roles. Depending on your interests and skills, one of these five creative careers could be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Front-end web developer. Front-end web developers focus on bringing website design to life through writing code. They work closely with marketing and web teams to build new web pages and update existing websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They’ll also conduct regular usability tests, review and edit code for other developers, and maintain digital libraries of reusable code for future use. While at first, this may not sound like a true creative career, it involves a lot of the skills that come naturally to creative people. From trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills to an ability to quickly brainstorm new ideas, this career offers a lot of opportunity to leverage your creativity. According to Pay Scale, the average salary for a front-end developer is $75,437 per year.

Learn the coding skills, programming languages, and design skills needed to start an entry-level career in the field with NYIAD’s online Front-End Web Development Program.

  1. Graphic designer. Graphic designers combine their artistic abilities with a knowledge of technology to create ads, logos, images, videos, and more. Designers often work in marketing departments or agencies to visually tell the story of the company or brand, attracting new clients and customers through eye-catching designs. This creative career is the perfect fit for someone who wants to use both their artistic and technology skills. The average salary for entry-level graphic designers is $49,806.

Learn how to use industry tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop while building your professional portfolio through NYIAD’s Graphic Design course.

  1. Event planner. Event planners combine creativity with exceptional organizational and leadership skills to get the job done. These professionals, whether working for someone else or owning their own business, help clients create amazing events from weddings to fundraisers. The average salary for an event planner is $51,855 per year.

Through NYIAD’s online Event Planning course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of planning events, working with clients, and negotiating with a variety of vendors.

  1. User experience designer. User experience, or UX, is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, service, or website. UX designers work to create designs and website content that is easy to access, understand, and use. This in-demand role combines creative thinking with technical and problem-solving skills in order to create a site that is easy to navigate, and users enjoy. The average salary for a UX designer is $74,776.

Learn how to apply design theories, use industry software, and more in NYIAD’s flexible online User Experience Design Program.

  1. Interior designer. Interior designers plan, design, and furnish the interiors of residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. They combine a keen eye for art and design with organizational and planning skills to create beautiful, functional spaces for clients of all sizes. The average salary for an interior designer is $56,639.

Learn how to work with clients, implement your designs, and more with NYIAD’s online, self-paced Interior Design course.

Start your creative career path with the New York Institute of Art and Design

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