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Candles on Valentine’s Day

By Leonardo Urena on February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day Lighting

Whether you're hosting a Valentine’s Day get-together, organizing a dinner party, or just enjoying a romantic evening at home—lighting can make all the difference in setting the right energy and mood of any room.

Valentines Day Candles

Too Many Candles

If you’re thinking romantic lighting, the first thing that comes to mind is candlelight. There’s nothing inherently romantic about candles themselves, but with the wrong strategy you can turn any room into a church’s candle alter or vigil.

Valentines Day Candles

Choosing Candles

Consider the kind of candles you choose to array, tall taper pillars make for the easiest way to light a section without putting out too many of them.

Valentines Day Candles

As far as color of the candle, red, pink, and white are usually associated with Valentine’s Day. The reason for that is what these colors usually represent:

Red Candles

Red candles signify: sexual attraction, love, vigor, health, also the color of life.

Valentines Day Candles

Pink Candles

Pink candles stand for the attraction of affection, winning of love, honor, success, and conquering of evil.

Valentines Day Candles

White Candles

White candles stand for purity, truth, realization of personal power, & spiritual strength.

Valentines Day Candles

Mixing Colors

Light white candles along with red or pink flowers and adornments, the white candles will be enhanced by the other two colors.

Valentines Day Candles

As long as you stay on theme, and you don’t over do it with your lighting sources your Valentine’s Day décor will convey the right amount of romance and elegance.