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3 Signs You’re Unhappy With Your Career

By Michelle Ecker on February 27, 2020

3 Signs You’re Unhappy With Your Career

Have you been feeling uninspired and unhappy at work lately? Maybe you’re experiencing some general burnout and need to take a break to reset. Or maybe your unhappiness is a sign of something bigger. Is it possible you’re stuck in an industry that doesn’t fulfill you and you’d be happier in an entirely different field? 

It can be daunting to admit that you aren’t happy with the career path you’re on. Some people worry that going back to school and taking steps to switch career paths is an intimidating task- but it doesn’t have to be.

If you have been feeling unhappy at work lately, check out this list of some warning signs that you’ve outgrown your current role and need to move onto bigger and better things.

Do You Daydream About Different Jobs? 

On especially slow days at work, do you find yourself browsing job boards to read about other opportunities? Or do you check out online courses to learn more about opportunities to study something new and start along a path to a more interesting career? 

NYIAD graduate Sandra Mijan knows the feeling. She was working as an orthodontic assistant but says she always daydreamed about her passion of interior decorating and design. 

“Passion towards interior design and decorating has been in me for years,” she shares.

“Back in 2015 I was in the middle of an orthodontic adjustment when a patient of many years asked if I knew of any interior designers. I took a chance of following my dream right then and there. My patient hired me as his interior decorator and I started taking more side projects.”

Now a graduate of NYIAD, she owns and operates her own independent interior design business, completing projects all across the spectrum of design- from a ballroom renovation and hair salon redesign, to residential clients and color consultations. 

“Be patient,” she tells our current students. “Don't let social media mess with your creativity and confidence. You are unique and your perfect client is out there! Most importantly, be transparent! Follow your passion!”

Is Retirement Your Goal? 

If you see your career as a necessary evil and something you “just have to do” until it’s time to retire- you are robbing yourself of the fulfillment found in doing something that actually makes you happy. You shouldn’t see your career as something you have to do- you should work towards a career that makes you feel inspired and excited to work in the morning. 

Moving Forward

If you’ve been feeling less productive, less passionate and less satisfied at work lately, you should invest in the self care of making a change. 

At the New York Institute of Art and Design, we offer online, self paced courses in everything from interior design and wedding planning to personal style and AutoCAD. If it has always been your dream to do something more creative at work, take the leap and invest in a first step to help you get there. To learn more information about how to get started, click here or call 1-800-583-1742. 

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