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Can Your Spouse See You Before the Wedding?

By NYIAD Wedding Mentor on June 24, 2014

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The first look is a segment of the wedding day when the bride and groom (or bride and bride, groom and groom) get to look at one another—for the first time—dressed in their wedding outfits. It’s scheduled before the ceremony starts, and it essentially does away with the happy couple seeing one another for the first time in front of everyone at the ceremony.

Here are the main reasons why couples like to have the first look added to their wedding day schedules.

  • The first look helps the couple relax and unwind before the wedding ceremony. Months of planning go into putting together a wedding, the stakes are high, and nerves are frazzled. This together time allows the nervous couple to relax, joke, and admire one another’s attire.
  • Wedding photographers and videographers alike love the first look period because it gives them fantastic photo ops with the wedding-day stars! In this photo, the bride is all smiles and the groom is softly out of focus in the background. This is a popular shot, showing off the bride’s beautiful outfit, bouquet, and smile. Many photographers also trick the couple by telling one of them that their betrothed will be approaching them from the front—but instead they approach from behind, eliciting a warm and playful exchange between the two. It’s the photographer/videographer’s job to capture these candid and often emotion-filled reaction shots.
  • The first look period also gives the couple a final opportunity to meet with key vendors: the wedding planner, the ceremony’s officiant, and the photographer/videographer. Last-minute instructions, reassurances, reminders, and details can be discussed before the walk down the aisle.

What do you think—should first looks be added to all wedding planning schedules?

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