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Life of a Jewelry Designer: Gratification

By Michelle Ecker on October 26, 2015

Serena Van Rensselaer was originally a student of Art History and Cultural Anthropology, but while studying abroad in San Miguel D’Allende, she discovered her untapped passion and aptitude for jewelry design. She is now an inspired creator, perceptive businesswomen and shrewd gallery manager in Manhattan’s picturesque Soho neighborhood. We recently visited Serena’s gallery and spent the afternoon speaking with her about the industry.

Here is part fifteen of our series, “Life of a Jewelry Designer.”

Life of a Jewelry Designer: Gratification

Between promoting a small business, establishing wholesale relationships, adjusting stylistic expression and tracking market fluctuation, this series has taught us that life in the jewelry industry can be super demanding. So why do so many artists love it so much? We asked Serena to name some of her personal motivations, and here’s what she said:

  1. “Anything creative speaks to me.”
  2. “When I craft something meaningful, there’s no feeling quite as special as watching my work being sold to the perfect, most appreciative person.”
  3. “I don’t feel like I make jewelry- I create art for the body. My work is an expression of something I care about, a concept that’s significant to me, or a visual memory of something I’ve done, a place I’ve visited…”
  4. “Learning to put my work out there taught me a form of bravery I never thought I’d master. I used to be shy about my creations, but I’ve learned to be so proud of them.”
  5. “When I first started making jewelry, it was just a hobby of mine. But when I learned to combine that hobby with a little business strategy, I started making a living doing something I was going to do regardless.”

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