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How Much Do NYIAD Courses Cost?

By Michelle Ecker on January 19, 2021

How Much Do NYIAD Courses Cost?

If you want to pursue a career in the creative industry, you might find yourself exploring education requirements before you get started. For many people, this process can be confusing. Unlike other industries like medicine or law, where the education and credentials needed to start working are extremely straightforward, when it comes to jobs like interior design or wedding planning, many people aren’t sure what training is required.  

For students who are especially concerned at the prospect of spending tons of money on a college degree or taking out student loans, it’s important to get all the facts about what education you actually need in order to start working- before you invest in unnecessarily expensive training options.  

Education requirements for creative professionals  

At NYIAD, we often receive questions about what education different creative professionals are required to receive, such asdo interior designers need a certificate or a degree, do graphic designers need to go to college, etc.  

To use interior design as an example, asking whether it’s necessary for an interior designer to have a design degree is like asking whether you need a writing degree to become a writer. While investing in a college education in creative writing is no doubt a valuable and rewarding pursuit, it’s also expensive and time consuming- and countless writers have successful, rewarding careers without one. The same is true for designers.  

However, to continue using interior design as an example- this is not the case for say, a commercial architect, who is legally required to earn a degree before working on any legitimate design projects. So when it comes to your need of a college degree in design, it truly depends on what you plan on doing with it. 

You absolutely do not need an interior design degree in order to become a professional interior designer, to complete projects for clients, or even to run your own interior design business. Lauren Liess was a NYIAD student (here’s her grad story), and not only did she launch a massively successful interior design career, she now has her own show on HGTV and is a published author of design. So for aspiring designers who feel like they can’t get into the industry because they can’t afford a degree, that’s simply not the case. 

How Much Do NYIAD Courses Cost? 

The cost of NYIAD course depends on which course you are enrolling in, whether or not NYIAD is running a special offerand which payment plan you opt into.  

Considering all those factors, the cost of NYIAD programs currently runs anywhere from $559-$1,359. For a full, updated list of the cost of all NYIAD programs on any given day, you can check the special offers page on our website.  

To quote the blogger and photographer behind NYC’s York Avenue Blog (she took NYIAD’s interior design course),  

“The entire (NYIAD) program cost a little over $1200. For comparison’s sake, the New York School of Interior Design costs $915 PER CREDIT. Their Basic Interior Design program is 24 credits. 24 times 915 = a little under $22,000. Yikes.” 

Does NYIAD Offer Payment Plans?  

Yes. At NYIAD, we offer our students two payment plans to choose from: The Full and the Monthly Payment Plans. With the Full Payment Plan, you are paying for your entire course, in full, at the time of your enrollment. With this option, you are saving money on the full cost of your program. With this option, you also gain access to all your course materials right away. 

With the Monthly Payment Plan, you are able to get started for one low down payment (usually around $59, depending on which course you are taking), and then make monthly payments as you go (usually around the same $59 amount). With this option, you will be unlocking course materials as you make your monthly payments.  

Does NYIAD Offer Risk-Free Trials of Their Courses?  

Yes! With either payment plan you opt into as a new student, you will be covered by our 14 day no-risk refund policy. You can try your course for up to 14 days, and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will refund every penny, no questions asked. 

Pursue your creative career with NYIAD  

If you want to start a career in a creative industry and you think that NYIAD could be a good fit for your training and your budget, you can get started whenever you’re ready to dive in.  

Our courses are entirely online and self-paced, meaning there are no start dates, class times or project due dates- you make your own schedule from home. You can enroll and get started online or call 1-800-583-1742 to get started over the phone with one of our student services representatives.

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