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How to Get Certified in AutoCAD

By Michelle Ecker on September 17, 2020

How to Get Certified in AutoCAD


If you want to pursue your AutoCAD certificationthere are some simple steps you can take in order to prepare yourself and get started.  

Why get certified in AutoCAD  

There are several reasons why now is a great time to pursue your certification in AutoCAD. For one, the interior design industry is currently projected to grow by around four percent throughout the next decade, which means that the market for capable interior designers is going to grow. More and more, clients are on the lookout for skilled designers to help them meet their needs, which for some, includes proficiency in computer-aided drawing tools like AutoCAD.  

Beyond that, if you are currently experiencing some down time in your career and are trying to spend more time at home due to Covid-19, this is a great use of your time, and something that will help you dive back into your work life with more skills come next year. You can study AutoCAD in a completely self-paced, online course, working entirely from home on your own schedule. For many people, now is the perfect time to sign up for a program like this. 

How to get certified in AutoCAD  

If you’re ready to add an AutoCAD certification to your resume, there are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to do so.   

  1. Prepare for your exam. NYIAD’s online AutoCAD course prepares students to take Autodesk’s AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam, which is generally considered the industry’s premier certification. Students in NYIAD’s program work in a student version of the AutoCAD program to help them practice as they go. The curriculum helps learners discover how to locate and apply the many features of the software as they learn to automate the drafting process and create more accurate drawings in less time. Throughout this course, students also complete a series of practice tests designed to help them prepare for the certification exam. The course is entirely online and self-paced, and students are given up to 2 years to complete the program- but most students finish in somewhere between 6-8 months.   
  2. Purchase and schedule your exam. If you are an NYIAD student, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on the cost of the Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Certification exam. When you sign up for your NYIAD course, you can simply opt into taking your industry certification exam as a ‘course add-ons' option. At the end of your NYIAD course, you will be directed by your course mentor to help schedule your certification exam.  
  3. Pass your exam. Unless you have received prior training, or have personal experience using the AutoCAD software, you will very likely need to study independently or receive some type of training in order to sufficiently prepare to pass an exam like this, the same way a lawyer would need to study or attend school before being prepared to pass the BAR. If you have completed NYIAD’s AutoCAD course and passed your exam prep tests, you should have no problem passing your Autodesk certification exam, as NYIAD’s course was specifically designed to prepare you for it. However, if you run into any issues your first time taking the exam and you receive a failing grade, you are given a second try to pass the test. And once you pass, you will be able to officially call yourself an AutoCAD Certified User (ACU). 

Sign up for an AutoCAD course with NYIAD  

Now is a great time to sign up for a creative, interesting online design course like AutoCAD that you can complete entirely from home, at your own pace.  

Our online AutoCAD course has no official start dates, class times or project due dates- meaning you make your entire schedule from home based on your personal preferences. Start something new and rewarding today. You can enroll and get started online or call 1-800-583-1742 to get started over the phone with one of our student services representatives. 


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