Event Planner Job Outlook

Event Planner Career Insights

Behind every professionally-planned gathering, you'll find a qualified event planner. A professional event planner works to ensure the seamless execution of any event.

Event planners duties include:

  • Meet with clients to understand the purpose of the meeting or event
  • Plan the scope of the event, including its time, location, and cost
  • Solicit bids from venues and service providers
  • Inspect venues to ensure that they meet the clients requirements
  • Coordinate event services such as rooms, transportation, and food service
  • Monitor event activities to ensure that the client and the attendees are satisfied
  • Review event bills and approve payments

Average Event Planner Salary

Event planners often start their careers as event coordinators. According to PayScale, event coordinators earn an average salary of $44,694, or $18 per hour.1 On average, event planners earn $52,998 per year.2

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Statements found in Payscale are not a guarantee of any post-graduation salary, in part because the data used includes workers from differing educational backgrounds, levels of experience, and geographic areas of the country. Statistics found in Payscale are based on their data collection methodologies, which may or may not reflect your area.