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Jewelry Design: Beading and Wire Working

Course Overview

The New York Institute of Art and Design’s Jewelry Design Course will teach you how to make and sell your own unique line of jewelry. The jewelry making course teaches students the fundamentals of beading, choosing materials, working with different types of wire, forging and clasping techniques, and more. In addition to the art of jewelry design, students will learn how to market and sell jewelry online on sites like Etsy and at trunk shows and craft fairs.

Who enrolls in this course?

  • Jewelry designers who want professional training and to learn new skills
  • Craft enthusiasts who want to learn how to make their own jewelry
  • People who are interested in starting a career as a jewelry designer
  • People who make their own jewelry and would like to learn how to sell it online

What you will learn?

  • How to choose the right beads, colors, and tools
  • How to work with common tools, such as pliers and hammers
  • How to work with different types of wire
  • Findings, string beads, clasps, and decorative elements
  • How to photograph, display and market your work to sell online or at craft fairs

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What you get with the Jewelry Design Course?

  • 22 lessons covering everything you need to know about jewelry making
  • Hours of video training featuring professional designers demonstrating techniques
  • 6 design projects that will be reviewed by your mentor
  • Access to a professional jewelry designer by phone or email anytime you need
  • NYIAD Certificate in Jewelry Design upon graduation

Students who enroll in this course may also choose to receive physical copies of the course materials in addition to the online course for an additional $250. Many students like to have printed lessons to use as a lifelong resource.

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