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Feng Shui Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

By NYIAD Feng Shui Mentor on March 17, 2015

The New York Institute of Art and Design is a top online interior design school and because we are, we often offer free tips for interior designers. Enjoy!

At the New York Institute of Art and Design, we've trained thousands of creative professionals. Many of them will set up home offices as they begin to launch their business ventures, ranging from wedding and event planning to jewelry and interior design. The ancient eastern practice of Feng Shui is a course we teach, insofar as it pertains to interior design. Here are some tips in setting up your home office in a way that will maximize your family's health, harmony, and prosperity.

  • If your home office is a place to hold meetings and host clients, it should ideally be situated close to your front door.
  • Your desk should be backed up by a solid wall or piece of furniture, as shown in this picture of a working mother. This will add stability. The desk should not be against a window, a mirror, or a corner. Try to avoid placing the desk with a pathway behind it, a door opening from the rear, or a window behind the desk.
  • The desk should not be in a direct line facing the doorway, and it shouldn't have the door to the immediate right or left.
  • Your desk should be placed parallel and square to the walls of the home office. They should never be placed at odd angles to the walls.
  • It's preferable to not have a light or plants hanging above a desk.
  • If you're in a creative profession, it's beneficial to have furniture with curves and ovals. Home businesses with a money focus should have square furniture. The room shape for any home office should be square or rectangular.
  • The diagonal corner from the door to an office is its wealth corner. Ideally, it should not have a door or windows diminishing it so that it collects energy. If possible, it's beneficial to have your desk in the wealth corner.
  • When entering a home office, it's best to face a wall instead of a window. The wall may have a floor plant or art work to draw visitors and energy inside.

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