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Feng Shui Flying Star Tips for 2008 — The Year of the Rat

By Jennifer Ellen Frank on March 20, 2008

On February 4, 2008 we enter a new Chinese year (year 4705 in the Chinese calendar), the year of the Yang earth rat. Flying stars are made up of 9 celestial stars, each with its own influence that can harbor you to good luck and fortune or bring you bad luck or disaster. As we tell students in our Feng Shui Interior Design Course, Feng Shui practitioners figure out the Flying Star for the Year so they know how to set up protection for the unlucky stars in homes and how to enhance the lucky stars.

2008 Feng Shui Lo Shu Magic Square

The Flying Stars are nine numbers in the Lo Shu magic square. The Lo Shu square of magic numbers was superimposed on the back of a turtle in China thousand years ago. Ancient Chinese learned the theory from this natural sign. The Lo Shu square applied on the Flying Stars in the Tang dynasty (618-905 A.C.). The more positive stars can be enhanced to further strengthen its prospects for you and your family, whereas the negative stars potential havoc may be appeased by the use of Feng Shui cures. To strengthen or weaken a Flying Star you can use the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, wood that correspond with each star's inherent element, to effectively empower or delimit a star's strength.

The PROSPERITY Star Benefits The East.

The auspicious star #8 moves to the East in 2008, and brings plenty of wealth luck to those who have houses or main entrances that faces East. People with bedrooms or living rooms located in the East will also benefit. This lucky star helps improve your fortune, brings about easy success, reduces opposition and banishes hostility. To enhance this, you need to display 2 rose quartz heart crystals or pair of Mandarin ducks. If you are planning to do renovation in 2008, you should begin in and end in the Eastern part of your house to ensure that the work goes smoothly. Hang a multifaceted quartz crystal sphere in this area near window or door. Twist it now and again.

The Star Of FUTURE PROSPERITY In The Southeast.

The #9 star is the wood element of the Southeast which is in harmonious relationship with this #9 star because it is known as the star of future prosperity, having homes or main doors that faces southeast will be very favorable in 2008. Such homes will attract long-term fortune luck for the residents. To further enhance, you should display a healthy good fortune plant like a jade plant in this part of your home. Alternatively, you can also enhance using lamps.

Yin Yang

The Number 6 HEAVEN Star Flies To The North.

Those living in North facing or sitting houses benefit from the #6 star of heavenly essence. (If your front door is facing north, or your back door or back of the house is on the north it is called the sitting position.) The heaven star is regarded as very auspicious, attracting good fortune that comes when you least expect it. Those who gamble will benefit if their rooms are in the North of their homes. Houses with main doors located in or facing North also benefit. This manifests as added power and authority. Good colors are earth yellow. Place some real quartz crystals here.

The Northeast Enjoys LOVE LUCK.

Residents of Northeast facing or sitting houses enjoy the loving energy and literary luck of the #4 star. This is also regarded as the Peach Blossom luck star, so those living in Northeast rooms could find themselves enjoying plenty of romance this year. It is also the star that brings education luck. Northeast is the sector of the youngest son, so unmarried young men residing in Northeast rooms are likely to settle down and get married. To strengthen marriage luck, activate the Northeast with symbols that represents a happy marriage. Those wanting education luck should display a hematite quartz crystal in water with one I-Coin in water here. Have the Yang side up on the coin.

The Unlucky Directions.

wealth ingots

The BURGLARY Star Hits The Southwest.

The #7 star that brings the luck of violence afflicts this direction, so residents of Southwest facing or sitting houses, or those living in Southwestern rooms will be vulnerable to being cheated, usually resulting in financial loss. If your house faces Southwest, you need to place the appropriate remedy. Women must be especially cautious especially older women) and should not trust others easily. The most effective remedy is to display the the Chinese bagua mirror with an I-ching coin on the rear or use eight I-ching coins tied into a circle with 3 Yang sided coins with wealth ingots on top. You should use more blue when decorating in this section of a home.

The ILLNESS Star Plagues The Northwest.

The number 2 is an illness star that will hurt the patriarch, the elderly and those threatened by illness or disease. When hit by the illness star, one is sure to fall sick. If you are living in a house that is facing or sitting Northwest, place a suitable cure such as a brass Wu Lou (like brass gourd) in the afflicted sector or metal singing bowl, or brass wealth ingot. If the illness star is in your bedroom, try to move to another room. If you cannot, then the bed should not be in the Northwest corner of the bedroom. You can also hang six Chinese coins in red ribbon.

Chinese coins

The West Is Hit By The QUARRELSOME Star.

The number 3 star brings quarrels, fights and aggravations, causing problems with relationships, from professional to intimate. There can be plenty of misunderstandings that escalate quickly into serious differences. Houses that face or sit West or bedrooms that are located in West will benefit by decorating with a red floor mat, red shades on lamps, or red accessories. This has the power to suppress the effects of the quarrelsome #3 star.

The FIVE YELLOW Afflicts The South.

This is the most feared star in the Feng Shui annual chart as it brings severe misfortune, tragedy and bad luck. This star brings loss of income and sometimes — even loss of life. It can cause severe health complications and the best way to avoid it is to simply vacate rooms afflicted by it. If your bedroom is in the South, try to change bedrooms this year if you can. If you are born in the year of Horse, you MUST make every effort NOT to sleep in the South. Keep this sector as quiet as possible. Keep windows and doors closed and o not play loud music or have the television here. Do not dig in the South portion of your garden and do not cut down any trees here. Display the 5 element pagodas to remedy. You can also hang six rod metal wind chimes here.

The ONE Star is in the Center.

The #1 star in the center this year of 2008, and the center is considered earth energy. It can bring conflict this year but if you activate properly it can bring new opportunities, gains in finances and academic achievements. Use four pieces of quartz crystal with one I-Ching coin placed in center of your home. Blue is good color to use when decoration in this area. Try placing creative enhancements like brushes, calligraphy sets in this area.

By decorating using the 2008 Flying Star recommendations, you will have protection from the unlucky stars and enhance the benefit of this year's lucky stars.