Creative Writer Salary & Job Outlook

Learn How to Get Published

Our online Creative Writing Course was made to help aspiring writers publish their short stories and novels. There are plenty of careers available to well-trained writing professionals. For those writers who just want to get their work published, the career path is often less straightforward. That's where NYIAD's training in creative writing comes in.

Our combination of curriculum and mentorship focuses on improving your writing. It also familiarizes you with the process of getting published. We are proud to partner every creative writing student with a published author through our mentorship program.

After completing our Creative Writing course, you will be able to confidently pursue publication. You will have the guidance and know-how of an industry professional at your side. Our writing exercises will challenge you to apply your skills through helpful assignments. You will submit these to our expert staff of writing mentors. These mentors will provide you with detailed feedback on your work. They will help you pursue your personal career goals in the writing industry. For you, this might mean pitching your short story or publishing your first novel.

"Success for writers may be realized in many different ways," says Karin Cook, Author of What Girls Learn. "But progress is achieved through the daily practice of one's craft, and feedback from other writers and published authors. For writers looking to publish their work, mentorship from a NYIAD instructor who has been through the publishing process themselves has such indispensable value."

Creative Fiction Writer Salary

  • For published paperback books, writers are typically paid 10% royalty on sales. On average, this figure lies at approximately $140,000 for every 100,000 copies sold.
  • 7.6% Estimated Growth
    • The U.S. Department of Labor projects 7.6% job growth for fiction writers and authors over the next 10 years with creative writing salaries over the national average.

An education in creative writing can be the first step toward a fulfilling career and a brighter future. After completing our Creative Writing course, you will be able to confidently seek employment.